Ask Farm Frites

Yes, Farm Frites is 100% real potatoes. We have our own Farms all around the world where we grow our own potatoes, that are specifically chosen by applying a firm selection criterion to live up to the international standards of our consumers.

Pommes Frites are 10mm X 10mm, The original cut of frozen french fries.
Allumettes 7mm X 7mm, The thinnest fries in the market.

Find our whole process here

All Farm Frites products are pre-fried during our manufacturing process, ensuring the crispiness that all of our customers enjoy.

Farm Frites uses sustainable palm oil staying in line with its commitment to respect the environment.

Find here  the 10 Golden Frying Rules.

Frozen fries can be stored up to 18 months in case of proper storage at -18 degrees Celsius.

Drop a message with the subject “Sales Order Inquiries” and someone from our sales team will contact you within a week maximum.

There are absolutely zero preservatives and 100% natural potatoes from the land which were only pre-fried.