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Coated Vs. Original Range

Our newly developed coated range is the newest innovation in the frozen fries’ industry. It is crispier, crunchier and stays hot longer with a holding time up to 20 minutes. In brief the perfect solution for all your struggles, ask about it now and add instant value to your menu.

Product Type


Product SKUs

Steak Fries 13mm AِAA Grade

Crinkle Fries 12mm A Grade

10mm Grade AAA

10mm Grade AA

7mm Grade AAA

7mm Grade AA

Coated 10mm AAA Grade

Coated 10mm AA Grade

Coated 7mm AA Grade

Coated 7mm AAA Grade

Rissoles 10x10mm

Mashed Potatos

Steak House 10x20A Grade

Coated Seasoned Wedges

7mm Grade A

Coated Crinkle 12mm AAA Grade

Chips Crunchy A Grade

Steak Fries 13mm A Grade

10mm Grade A

Coated 7mm A Grade

Wedges Skin-on

Wedges Skin-off

Chips Crinkle Slices AAA Grade

Coated 10mm A Grade