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Take your French fries’ obsession to a whole new level with these snack, side-dish, and main dish recipes. These creative and delicious ideas upgrade basic frozen fries into a wow-worthy dish. Our collection includes a variety of different recipes of loaded fries, vegan recipes, sandwiches of fries, etc. that are quick, tasteful, and non-stereotypical.

Fries Wrap

Seasonings 3 ways

Club Sandwich stick

Loaded fries grilled cheese sandwich

Fries Toppings 3 Ways

Dynamite Shrimps



Loaded Chili cheese Wedges

Steak Mexican Fries

Buffalo Chicken Fries

Batata Harra

Pulled Chicken Fries

Pita Nostra

Mitraillette Bread with Fries

Mexican Fries

Nacho-style Fries

Beef Stew Fries