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Take your French fries’ obsession to a whole new level with these snack, side-dish, and main dish recipes. These creative and delicious ideas upgrade basic frozen fries into a wow-worthy dish. Our collection includes a variety of different recipes of loaded fries, vegan recipes, sandwiches of fries, etc. that are quick, tasteful, and non-stereotypical.

Ramadan Always needs new recipes

New Years Fiesta

Six Dips

Cheesy Baked Fries

Green style scrambled


Loaded Chili cheese Wedges

Steak Mexican Fries

Buffalo Chicken Fries

Batata Harra

Pulled Chicken Fries

Pita Nostra

Mitraillette Bread with Fries

Mexican Fries

Nacho-style Fries

Beef Stew Fries